Goals of McGuys.com:

1. McGuys.com provides a convenient way for Minecraft players to find quality Minecraft servers based on different criteria, which include (but are not limited to):
2. McGuys.com provides a convenient way for Minecraft server owners to reach Minecraft players. Adding a server is as simple as clicking Add A Server and telling us about your server. Servers will be listed as soon as the email address linked to the server is confirmed.

How to use McGuys.com:

I am a...

- Minecraft Server Owner devices
  1. Add your server to our list by selecting Add A Server from anywhere on the site.

  2. Fill out a short form to create both a user account and a server listing.

  3. Confirm your email address by following a link that will be sent to you. Congratulations, your server is now listed!
  4. Visit your server's vote page by navigating to My Servers and selecting your server. From here you'll be able to vote for, edit, or remove your server from the listing.
  5. Share your server! By sending your server's vote page to other people, you can attract more votes and rank higher on the server list! The more votes you get, the more exposure your server will receive.

- Minecraft Server Player videogame_asset
  1. To find a great server to play on, visit the homepage and select from the ordering choices (top, newest, or most played) to find a server that suits your playstyle.